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Mantarlı Pilav Tarifi

Malzemeleri:- 2 Su bardağı pirinç- 1 Tutam maydanoz- 1 Kase mantar (taze veya konserve)- 1 Adet kuru soğan- 2 Adet küp Şeker- Tuz - Tavuk veya et suyu- Ayçiçek yağıYapılışı : Tuzlu ve ılık suda pirinçleri ıslatıyoruz. 20-25 dakika bekletiyoruz. Yıkayıp süzüyoruz. Tencerenin içerisine çiçek yağı koyuyoruz. Pirinçleri alıp kavuruyoruz. Tuzunu ve şekeri ilave ediyoruz. Kaynar et veya tavuk suyu ya da kaynar su ilave ediyoruz. Pişmeye bırakıyoruz. Taze mantarı doğrayıp tavaya alıyoruz. Mantarların sulanmaması için yüksek ısıda kızartıyoruz. Pişmiş ve dinlenmiş pilavımıza harcımızı ilave ediyoruz. Üzerine ince doğranmış maydanoz ilave edip harmanlıyoruz. Çorba kasesine koyup servis tabağına ters çeviriyoruz, servise hazır hale getiriyoruz.

Client Onboarding and KYC Compliance

The GoldTier product incorporates all of the functionality required to effectively:
Manage the onboarding and maintenance of new and existing clients across a variety of teams including sales, relationship managers, operations, compliance, documentation, tax, credit and legal
Integrate compliance controls into the client onboarding process
Deliver Know Your Customer (KYC / AML), Customer Identification Profile (CIP), MiFID client classification, USA PATRIOT Act, and related client regulatory due diligence
Create transparency to stakeholders throughout the client lifecycle.
'GoldTier is creating a standard to address both the tactical and strategic challenges arising from the processes of client onboarding.' HSBC
The solution empowers financial institutions to:
Meet regulatory compliance demands: with automated due diligence processing and comprehensive client audit profiles on-demand
Improve time to revenue: with the reduction in paperwork and tightening of account opening cycle times
Control costs: with the automation of manual tasks, elimination of expensive repeat tasks, and real-time management dashboards
Enhance the client experience: with the minimization of touch points and repeat requests to your clients.
Each onboarding activity is tied back into a common onboarding framework, meaning client knowledge can be leveraged across all activities. GoldTier enables financial institutions to set policies, adopt regulations and then implement and enforce them throughout these activities.
To receive a complimentary copy of the GoldTier KYC and Client Onboarding Solution brochure with key client commentary please select Contact Us from the menu on the right.

Ultrasonic concentration measurement

Ultrasonic concentration measurementThe process analyser PIOX® S determines the concentration or the density of liquids or further process quantities using ultrasounds. The sound velocity of the liquid is the primarily measured quantity for this task.PIOX® S can be used to control the concentration of solutions or to monitor chemical reactions such as polymerization, crystallization, neutralization processes, phase separation processes, etc.Through quality control or product detection, PIOX® can help you to reach higher quality and to optimize your process. Thanks to the continuous control of the process parameters, the periodical controls and spot tests belong to the past. The process can be controlled exactly, in case of the deviations from the target quantities, an immediate reaction is possible. A higher product quality is reached and the material, time and energy consumption is reduced.The measurement can take place with wetted transducers or with non-intrusive clamp-on transducers. The clamp-on technology is ideal for the measurement of chemically aggressive, corrosive or ultrapure media.



Shadyside Inn Suites is different. Your idea of staying in a hotel is about to change. Our suites are not typical hotel rooms. In fact we do not have rooms; we only offer suites. Why are we different? Your suite is a fully furnished apartment with the same amenities as a hotel located in a residential neighborhood. It’s not just any neighborhood, it's Shadyside, Pittsburgh’s most quaint, trendy, and upscale urban area. Picture Boston’s Newberry Street, or New York’s East Village and you will get an idea of what the Shadyside area is like.
Imagine having your own apartment in the best location in Pittsburgh for as little as a day or for as long as a lifetime. Shadyside Inn Suites is as flexible as you need. Only going to be here for a night? Why not have your own fully equipped apartment? Need somewhere to stay for a month while your house is renovated? Shadyside Inn Suites is your answer. Looking to attend the University for only nine months? Shadyside Inn Suites can accommodate. Think this is going to cost you more than a hotel? Not even close. Our rates are lower, our suites are double the size of any hotel in the area, our parking is free, and our location is unrivaled.
Our suites are located within a block or two of some of the best dining, entertainment, and shopping in Pittsburgh. At your door are 135+ shops, 15+ restaurants and some of the best nightlife in the area. Shop in small boutiques, visit your favorite national store, and dine on cuisines from all over the world. Shadyside living is unmatched.
Stay in Shadyside and still be approximately 4 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh and the Convention Center and less than 1 mile from the following hospitals: Presbyterian, Montefiore, Magee Women's, Falk Clinic, West Penn, Children's, Shadyside Hospital, and Western Psychiatric
Within 1 mile of the Shadyside Inn Suites is The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Museum of Natural History, The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University Chatham College, and Carlow College.
Besides coming for a visit, the best way to learn about our story is read what other people have said about us. Please click on the following links to read what the professionals have to say.

ASC process systems

ASC is a leading manufacturer of specialized process equipment, control systems, and custom manufacturing software used in the composites, plastics, glass, solar, lumber, and concrete, coatings, and finishing industries. Our product lines include composite autoclaves, glass-laminating autoclaves, concrete autoclaves, industrial ovens, composite ovens, electroplating automation systems, process control software, autoclave control software, oven control software, and crane and hoist control software including scheduling. We're located in Los Angeles, CA and support thousands oAutoclaves and other equipmentASC manufactures a range of process equipment, including autoclaves, ovens, presses, heating systems, cooling systems, vacuum systems, and specialty pressure equipment. We also buy and sell used equipment.systems and hundreds of customers wControl & power systemsASC is a leading supplier of control and power systems for a wide variety of equipment and industries. We specialize in PC-based and PLC-based control solutions. Our PC-based systems typically feature our industry-standard CPC control software package.orldwide.Software for controls and manufacturingASC can develop custom software solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. Our CPC software is the world's leading software for control of autoclaves, ovens, and many other applications. Our FLEXTIME software is also the leading PC-based solution for electro-plating and anodizing control

High Flow Range Mass Coriolis Flow Meter

Ideal for the measurement of flow, density and temperature of liquids and slurries, such as aggressive or contaminated, sanitary or particle-filled fluids.Features:Flow ranges from 60 to�60K Kg/Hr (2.2 to 1650 lb/min)Accuracy up to 0.25% of readingMaterials: flow tubes -316 L, splitter flanges -316 Ti, housing - cast ironProcess temperature-40°F to 356°FAmbient temperature-40°F to 140°FWide flow rangesACCURATE AND RELIABLEThis meter has the ability tomaintain high accuracy,despite changing viscosity conditions, with accuracy of +0.25% of reading.EASY CLEANINGThe ACM series has smooth stainless steel tubes and no moving parts, and is therefore very easy to flush and clean.MULTI-TASKINGThe ACM series of mass coriolis flow meters measure flow, density and temperature.MATERIAL COMPATIBILITYBecause of the meter’s 316 stainless steel flow tubes, the ACM series can measure a wide range of materials.VARIETY OF ELECTRONICSElectronics available for the ACM series include a local, hazardous rated display and a remote, panel-mount digital display.

Kağıt Helva Pastası

4 kağıt helva
300 gr. tahin helvası 1 çorba k. kakao
50 gr. margarin
portakallı bisküvi Şantisi için:
1 poşet toz şanti
4 kaşık süt tozu
su Üzeri için:
Çikolata sos Hazırlanışı:Tavaya 300 gr.tahin helvasını,1 çorba k.kaka ve 50 gr.margarini ekleyip karıştırarak eritip özleştirin.Zemine 1 adet kağıt helvayı alın.Üzerine eritilmiş helvayı sürün.2.kağıt helvayı üzerine kapatın.Tekrar eritilmiş tahin helvası sürün.3.kağıt helvayı tekrar kapatın.Tahin helvasını sürün.4.kağıt helvayı kapatatın.Şantisi için bir kapta 1 poşet toz şanti,4 tatlı kaşığı süt tozu ve 1 su badağından 1 parmak eksik su ilave edip mikserle çırpın.Kağıt helvalı pastayı şanti ile kaplayın.Parçalayıcıdan bisküvileri geçirip toz haline getirin.Pastanın kenarlarına bisküvileri serpin.Pastanın üzerini kremşanti ile desen yapıp süsleyin.Üzerine parçalnmış bisküviyi serpin.Üzerine çikolata sosu dökün.Pastayı buzdolabında bekletip soğuduktan sonra serivis edin.,,,yeşil elma oktay usta,,,